Meditations to Rest, Relax and Connect

Rest & Be has moved to offer our meditations on YouTube for FREE with no ads!

Our deeply relaxing guided meditations offer relief & support, whether you are exhausted by the pace of life, feeling overwhelmed by challenging life events, or interested in exploring meditation on a deeper level.

On our channel you will find meditations for help getting to Sleep (Our most popular), Release Stress, Daily Uplifting Meditations and much more! 

We hope they bring you some peace, balance & comfort in your life.

If you'd like to download a selection of our meditations to put on your device : R & B Meditation Gift

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Truly Relaxing Meditations

Our highly restorative, deeply relaxing guided meditations promote a profound release of layers of physical, mental and emotional tension.

Sound Sleep

Snuggle in, unplug and settle your mind

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Deep Sweet Sleep

Letting go of all the thoughts and drop into sleep

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Daily Meditation

Explore being aware, present and open during meditation

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Calm the Nervous System

Soothe the nervous system and cope with stress better

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Rest & Be has really helped me through some tough times, thank you.