What is Rest & Be?

Rest & Be evolved from our friendship, our shared love of meditation and our dream of helping others to discover a greater sense of peace, ease and wellbeing in their everyday lives. We make meditation simple, convenient and comfortable for everyone.

We offer deeply relaxing True Rest meditations online. Research has proven meditation is good for you! However, many people find it difficult to meditate so Rest & Be is here to help and guide you. 

True Rest is unique yet based on tried and tested meditation techniques including mindfulness, body sensing and self enquiry. Our collection of True Rest meditations ease the stresses and strains of everyday life and support you during life's challenges. Our Meditation Bites and Mindful meditations help your practice to deepen and evolve.

We met through True Rest meditation classes, became friends and the idea for Rest & Be was born over a cup of tea.

Most of all, Rest & Be is founded on our belief that a life of true peace, love and happiness is possible for all. We look forward to meditating with you.

Best wishes,

Theresa & Mandy

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About Us

Theresa Timmes


Theresa Timmes

Hi, I’m Theresa. I started practicing yoga and meditation over 15 years ago as a way to help me with the physical pain of a slipped disc in my spine. I found the physical relief that I needed but even more so, I found something I loved. Over the years, I have taken numerous meditation workshops and classes and the more I practiced and learned, the more I understood and received the benefits.

As my life changed, the birth of children, moving to new countries, losses and new beginnings, I have always been able to come back to my meditation practice to bring me rest, relaxation, peace and a knowing sense of myself. Meditation offers me support and comfort, almost like a wonderful friend. 

I met Mandy at a True Rest meditation class and instantly connected with the practice. I became a regular at her classes and our friendship grew. From there and from the heart, the seed for Rest & Be was planted.

This is a work of passion, to bring True Rest meditations to all who could benefit and is based firmly in the belief that a life of peace, love and happiness is possible for all.

Mandy Penalver


Mandy Penalver

Hello, I’m Mandy. I fell in love with meditation from the moment I took my first course twenty six years ago at the Sivananda Vedanta centre in London. My first teacher training was with FRYOG, followed by a Sivananda qualification in 2001. I started teaching in 1999, alongside a career in the beauty business. Today I offer meditation classes and workshops full-time.

Over the years I have attended numerous silent meditation retreats & studied many different styles of meditation including Yoga Nidra, Vipassana, mantra meditation & mindfulness. However, my greatest teacher has been life itself. True Rest Meditation has evolved from my direct experience & the discoveries I have made throughout the ups and downs of my life.

I came to meditation looking for meaning & freedom from suffering in my life. Today I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt with others & exploring together how we might live with greater peace, ease & wellbeing in our daily lives. I teach from the heart, a process that is very alive, ever deepening, & rooted in a sincere commitment to truth. My work is dedicated to the awakening of human consciousness, grounded in the belief that a life of peace, love & happiness is possible for all. Thank you for visiting x

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Thank you for such an amazing app, we use it every night. Last week we took the kids camping and they did a meditation every day, they love it!

Mark, Cobham