Guided meditations help you in your practice

Once you’ve decided to give meditation a try, you will need to figure out which type and style is best suited for you. Finding the style of meditation that works for your personality and life circumstances is a good way to keep up with meditating on a regular basis. One way to get your practice started is by using a guided meditation. Even as a more seasoned meditator, there are days when I know a guided meditation will do me such good and I look forward to it. 

Benefits of using a guided meditation:

1. You can have access to a range of meditations.

It can be the same mediation guide or teacher but using the same meditation repeatedly has its drawbacks. You may use one meditation and you love it but after using the same one over time will lessen its effect. Our mind will anticipate what’s coming and then it will take off on its own with other thoughts thereby drawing your focus away. When you have access to several meditations from a teacher you enjoy by using a different meditation will keep your practice fresh as your mind isn’t going to be prepared for what’s next. 

2. Making yourself comfortable.

Guided meditation encourages you to make a nest for yourself. In other words, sit or lie down and remember you will stay in that posture for the duration of the meditation. Use props to get yourself comfortable like blankets, bolsters, pillows and eye pillows and wear something to be warm. Posture is important but you can have a straight spine sitting in a chair or lying on the ground or sofa.  A comfortable body allows the mind to slow down where a body in discomfort will keep thinking about the physical discomfort.

 3. The voice.  

This is key, you have to like that voice in your ear and mind. A guide's voice that resonants with you will be soothing, authentic, reassuring, calming and grounding.

 4. Variety.

You will want access to themes as your needs will change. Sometimes in life I want something uplifting or centering or speaks to a specific emotion that’s arising. Again, this can also keep your practice fresh.

5. Practicing with guided meditations help you stay committed.

On days where you just aren’t feeling like meditating or are too busy. It’s easier when you just have to plug in and be guided. It’s the commitment to meditating that works and builds the benefits for your mind, body and inner connection.

 6. Accessibility to the meditation.

You will want to be able to listen to it at home, during work hours, on your commute – train or aeroplane, sitting in a park or even walking somewhere. In today’s world, this means access on your computer and mobile phone with on and offline access.

 7. Headphones 

Use of headphones work nicely for a laptop, tablet or mobile phone and makes the experience intimate. I prefer using them compared to using the speaker on the device. 

8. It's very relaxing.

A guided meditation can drop me deeper into a relaxed state. It’s also easier when the mind wanders, and it will do so, to notice, and return to the practice by listening to the guide and that’s helpful. 

9. Varying time lengths.

You will want the option of differing durations. Somedays you can only get in 5 minutes and other days you will want to get in a 20-30 minutes meditation. This option also helps with keeping your practice consistent. 

10. The option of different styles.

You will have your favourite type or theme like help getting to sleep but it’s ideal to have other options. Such as some meditations with minimal guidance and the use of music or sound in the background. 

It’s a good idea to have these options available to you as a meditator in one place since you will want to spend your time meditating instead of figuring out where to find a good meditation!

And thanks for meditating. 

With gratitude, Theresa 

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