How Meditation Helps Me Sleep Better

Most of us probably know that sleep is good for us.

Feeling refreshed after a restful night’s sleep is to be cherished. How I love waking up naturally feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

On the other hand, I really do not like getting a restless night’s sleep or a limited number of hours of sleep. I can feel groggy, dazed and tired the next day and if a bad night’s sleep is the norm, I am left feeling exhausted and almost physically unwell. 

A recent study conducted by researchers at NYU School of Medicine and reported in the Science Daily showed that commonly held beliefs or myths about sleep are false (like it’s ok to survive off 5 or fewer hours of sleep a night) and can harm our health. Healthy, consistent, good quality sleep benefits our moods, wellbeing and physical bodies

When I hit these difficult to sleep blocks in my life, they are usually created by stress, overworking, health reasons or just hormones causing troubles. So, not necessarily any easy answer to start sleeping peacefully again. 

As it so happened, I discovered that meditation could help me sleep better inadvertently.

When I first started attending Mandy’s True Rest meditation classes, they started at 8pm. After the class, I went home and found I could just slip into bed and melt into a quiet and relaxing night’s sleep.

Somewhere along the line, the aha moment occurred.

I could practice this at home with a guided meditation either before bedtime or after I crawled into bed for the night. 

When Mandy and I created our Restful Sleep category of meditations, this is what we had in mind: to offer to our users the same experience I had after a class to drift and melt into a rejuvenating night’s sleep. 

From Preparing for Deep Sleep to Deep Blissful Sleep and even a short meditation to help shift your mind From Busy to Quiet Mind, we’ve wanted to create a way to help and support others achieve an easier way to get to sleep, stay asleep and get good quality sleep.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of Power Nap during the day either.  Mandy and I are both fans of using these meditations to get to sleep!

Granted I also practice some basic bedtime routines to help prepare my mind and body for a good night’s sleep.

Practices that are fairly common knowledge nowadays.

I limit my screen time, keep noise levels down before bedtime, close curtains to keep the room dark, and I’m careful about what I do watch at night, nothing fearful or stressful. 

But I know that it’s something about the accumulated effects of the meditation of centering myself, taking the deep, intentional, calming breaths, following the body sensing guidance and allowing my mind to relax that triggers my body and mind to drift off to sleep that lasts through the night. 

Like I said earlier, I love how it feels to get a good night’s sleep and the benefit the next day of feeling refreshed. 

Wishing you a good, restful night’s sleep too. 

With gratitude, Theresa 

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