Busting 5 Meditation Myths of Sceptics & Beginners Alike

Stressed? Anxious? Can’t sleep? Meditation can help! Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of mediation but you aren’t convinced. Perhaps you have some doubts or reservations. There is now considerable clinical evidence to prove that meditation is good for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. A 2014 study showed that mindfulness-based practices were effective in supporting people suffering from depression and anxiety. In this post, we uncover some common myths about meditation that might surprise you and entice even the most hardened sceptic to give it a try!

Myth #1 - Meditation is religious

Although almost all religions include some form of meditation as part of their practice, meditation itself is not religious, nor does it belong to any particular religion. Meditation is about simply stopping for a while to be still and doesn’t require any belief system. People of many different faiths practice meditation without any conflict with their religious beliefs. So don’t worry, you don’t have to chant mantras, burn incense, or wear special robes to enjoy the benefits of meditation!

Myth #2 - Meditation is uncomfortable 

You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor for hours to practice meditation! Although some meditation traditions place a great emphasis on posture (and there are valid reasons for this) sitting meditations can be done in any kind of chair or on the floor using whatever props help you to feel supported. You may not know this but there are styles of meditations that are traditionally done lying down. When your body is comfortable, it’s much easier for your mind to relax! As meditation instructors, we believe that the attitude we each bring to our practice is more important than any hard and fast rules about posture. Approaching meditation with sincerity and the willingness to meet experience in an open way is key!

Myth #3 - Meditation is difficult 

Meditation is actually very simple. To sit and just be is completely effortless! However, it doesn’t necessarily seem that way because we are so accustomed to doing in our culture. We think that meditation is yet another thing I have do, get right, or be perfect at. We put it off because we think it’s going to be difficult. Meditation is actually a surrendering of all effort to do something, get somewhere, or achieve something. When we relax back from these energies, our wise woman within comes out to play!

Myth #4 - Meditation is self-indulgent

Particularly as women, we often tend to take care of everybody else’s needs before our own and can feel guilty about taking time out for self-care. It is not selfish at all to dedicate time to meditation. Quite the opposite, as we begin to discover our own inner peace through meditation, it spills over into our daily life. It can be felt by our family, friends, and all those whom we come into contact with, helping to awaken the same peace within them. In fact, we do a great service to all those who we love and cherish when we commit to a meditation practice, so don’t feel guilty!

Myth #5 - Meditation is about controlling the mind

Sadly we don’t have an on/off switch for our minds (or even a volume control)! Trying to control the mind is like trying to control the weather; impossible and endlessly frustrating! The good news is that meditation isn’t about controlling or making an enemy of our mind. In meditation, we simply observe the nature of the mind without judgment. When we quit trying to control the mind, it naturally relaxes in its own time. Ultimately meditation is about remembering who you are beyond your thoughts and feelings. A reminder of the incredibly powerful, beautiful whole and complete being within you!

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With gratitude, Mandy