What is True Rest?

True Rest® is a deeply relaxing, highly restorative guided meditation that helps us to discover a greater sense of peace, ease and wellbeing in our everyday lives. It is a time of self-care that encourages a profound release of physical, mental and emotional tension. True Rest is based on tried and tested meditation techniques including mindfulness, body sensing and self enquiry. 

True Rest is incredibly simple and completely effortless. It’s not about trying to control your mind, it's not religious, and you don’t need to hold any belief system to benefit from it. True Rest is for everyone whether you are completely new to meditation or have been meditating for years.

When your body is comfortable, it’s much easier for your mind to relax. We like to make a 'nest' using pillows, blankets and any other props so that your body is comfortable, warm and fully supported while you meditate. True Rest is done lying down or seated anywhere at home, your place of work, outdoors or even on the train, plane or bus. The guidance follows a set structure, yet each True Rest meditation is unique and unscripted, so your practice remains fresh, alive, and free of anticipation or expectation. 

True Rest invites you to just stop for a while. With regular practice, its benefits go deeper than a relaxation of the body and mind. Taking a break from the busyness of life to just be allows space for insight, clarity, and new perspectives about ourselves and the world to naturally arise. It is an aid to listening to our inner knowing, opening to our deepest truth and what really matters.

Our nervous systems are subjected to an incredible amount of information and stimulation in our modern lives. When we are deprived of periods of stillness, reflection, rest, and time to process our busy lives, our minds and bodies become susceptible to stress, anxiety and dis-ease. 

Rest & Be is here for you if you are simply exhausted by the pace of life, feeling overwhelmed by challenging life events, or interested in exploring the deeper questions you have about life. True Rest makes way for freedom and healing and opens us to the inherent love, intelligence, and creativity of our true nature. For details of True Rest classes & events please see


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I just wanted to say how amazing the meditations are on the app, so much choice. Fantastic, thank you so much!

Stephen, Guildford